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How to Fillet Fish

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Caution: Lionfish are venomous, not poisonous. The venom can stay active for months even if frozen. Take great care around the 18  spines contained in the dorsal, pelvic and anal fins. The venom will go inert when thoroughly cooked. To fillet you may either wear cut resistant gloves and work with the fish carefully or cut the spines off with a good pair of shears carefully disposing of them.
To Fillet, no need to gut or scale the fish.
Step 1: Make a cut behind the pectoral fin.
Step 2: Work the knife along the top of fish (lateral line) from the 1st cut down to the tail.
Step 3: Work the knife along the bottom of the fish from 1st cut to tail.
Step 4: Remove fillet by lifting and cutting to maximize the flesh removed.
Step 5 & 6: Repeat steps 1-4 on the other side.
Step 7: Carefully slide knife between skin and flesh to create fillet.
Step 8: Trim away any bones.
Step 9: See "How to Recipes" section for how to cook.

Be sure to use a sharp knife, quality cutting board and cut resistant gloves with non-slip grip such as those offered by Aquatic Hunt