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About Aquatic Hunt

The Right Tools for the Hunt


Aquatic Hunt is a lifestyle brand founded by divers for divers, hunters, snorkelers, reef protectors and ocean lovers alike. We are passionate about not only diving but keeping our reefs beautiful for generations to come by helping to keep lionfish from continuing to invade our ocean habitats in addition to supporting sustainable hunting for lobster when in season and seasonal fish.

Our Story

Do you ever start to chat and dream about what could be on a surface interval? Well, that's how Steve and Carly got together on this adventure.  Friends, co-workers and dive-buddies, they spent some time discussing the creation of a new brand and solution for Lionfish containment while depleting some nitrogen on a surface interval! Based locally in Delray Beach, FL; Steve launched Aquatic Hunt in November of 2022 with the Lionfish Locker launching in April 2023. 


We're a small team of a husband and wife (Steve & Kristina Vernaglia) and dive buddy/marketing extraordinaire (Carly Bond). We are thrilled to help get the word out about the lionfish problem and offer a solution at a value that will help more divers reduce the population and #JoinTheHunt. 

Meet the Team

We love good design and we love diving!

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