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and Shears

Keep yourself safe while diving with multi-purpose cutting tools - you never know when you may need one

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8.5" Stainless Steel Knife with Holster

  • 8.5" (216mm) Dive, Spearfish, Freediving Knife

  • SS420 Stainless Steel with Serrated Blade edge and anti-corrosion black coating for added rust protection.

  • Total length 8.5". Blade is 4.25". Handle is 4.25"

  • Easy Grip Handle with hole should you decide to use a lanyard

  • Holster Straps to Arm, Leg or Works well with a standard weight belt. Elastic Loop Securely Holds Knife

  • Ideal for all your needs above and below the surface; cutting line, dispatching fish, cutting bait, etc.

  • Easy one-handed removal

  • Care: Rinse thoroughly with fresh water after dives/use and dry the blade before storing

Stainless Steel Dive Shears with Sheath and Swivel Clip

  • 420SS Shears with 316SS Rivet. 420SS maintains a sharp edge and 316SS has great saltwater rust resistance.

  • Provides excellent control underwater and quickly clipped to your BC or vest

  • Strong Nylon Sheath / Holster with Velcro closure / with plastic swivel clip

  • Cut through tangled fishing line and netting with confidence

  • Remove Lionfish Spines / Fins and more while hunting

  • Care: Rinse thoroughly with fresh water after dives/use and dry the blades before storing

New - Now at Select Dealers

Pro 3-in-1 Fillet Set

  • Fillet Fish like a Pro, includes 6.5” Fillet/Boning Knife - 12” Non-slip Cutting Board with Ceramic Knife Sharpener

  • Flexible Fillet Knife with Sharp Japanese Steel and Non-slip Cutting Board make it easy

  • Large Non-Odor Absorbing Cutting Board

  • Ceramic Knife Sharpener - Maximize your fillet with sharp and flexible blade

  • Top Quality Japanese Stainless Steel - 420J2

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