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Masks and

"Sea" it All with the dive and snorkel essentials to be able to see and breath as if you are one with the sea


Low Volume Ultra View Wide Face Dive Mask with Neoprene Strap Cover

  • Ultra Wide View, Low Volume Ultra View Dive Mask with Neoprene Strap Cover.

  • X-Large Glass Lens and Clear soft touch silicone allows maximum light into your eyes at depth for better vision.

  • Maximum Comfort, Minimum Hassel with Neoprene Cover over silicone mask strap.

  • 304 Stainless Steel Mask Strap Pins for Long Service Life.

  • Tempered CE Glass for Scuba depths.

  • Fits Wider Face Types Best

16" Lightweight Silicone Snorkel with Comfort Mouthpiece

  • Available in White and Black

  • 16" (40cm) - Lightweight & Flexible Silicone Snorkel, excellent for travel

  • Adjustable Mask Clip

  • Comfort Mouthpiece

  • 100% Food Grade Silicone

  • Easy to Clear

18" Pro Dry Snorkel with Comfort Mouthpiece and Purge Valve

  • 18" (46cm) Pro Dry Snorkel - Submerging to Spear a Fish or Waves in Motion - No Problem, the fast-acting float in tip does a great job of keeping water from entering

  • Purge Valve

  • Adjustable Mask Clip

  • Comfort Mouthpiece with Flexible Hose