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The Lionfish Locker
Champion Performance



Designed for you. Fast fill, faster empty, built in handles and spear/snare holder, multiple clip locations and easy flip-top opening to empty your catch


The Lionfish Locker
Safe, Fast, Versatile

The Lionfish Locker

  • Available in 4 sizes (15", 20", 25", 30") and 3 colors (Blue Water, Sharkskin, Sea Fan)

  • All models include built in spear storage and a sturdy handle; spear holder also doubles as a second handle

  • Up to 37% more capacity than other containment systems of the comparable height/diameter

  • Instant drainage when handing onto a boat or dock (under 3 seconds)

  • 4 clip off locations to wear on your preferred side and to keep gear streamlined

  • Spring loaded door opens easily to empty your catch, no need to remove any parts

  • Two Lionfish Lockers can be fastened together for derbies

  • Flat packs to ship more efficiently, build in under 5 minutes (video below)

Champion's Choice
Florida Wildlife Commission Reef Rangers Lionfish Challenge Results


Meet the heroes and champions of Florida's coastal ecosystems. They've dedicated themselves to a cause that's larger than life - protecting our native habitat. These three are more than just winners; they're the true guardians of Florida's underwater wonderland. Through their courage, passion, and unwavering commitment, they've earned the title of Lionfish Challenge Champions.

Join the fight to save Florida's coastal treasures.  Together, we can make a difference.

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