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Hunt Lionfish

Hunt Lionfish with Spear & Capture with Lionfish Locker

Spearing Lionfish with 36" Lionfish Spear:

  1. Loop band over thumb

  2. Pull Band and grab Spear near tip

  3. Don't rush. Bring the spear as close to the lionfish as possible without touching

    • Note if you miss or the fish escapes. Calmly and slowly approach the fish and try again.​

  4. Release spear, try to pin lionfish to any surrounding structure to ensure capture.

Capture Lionfish by Pushing into Locker:

  1. Push lionfish and spear tip through the door.

  2. "Scrape" lionfish off spear tip using grooves in the end of the door panel.

  3. Find the next one. Repeat.

Why Lionfish?
Click to learn.

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Hunt Lobster

Hunt Lobster with Snare

Hunt Lobster with Snare

  1. Approach the lobster.

    • Slow down. Breath.

    • That lobster has been sitting there waiting for you. Maybe for weeks.

    • If you rush you risk losing it. Be calm and slow.

  2. Open snare about 3/4 of the way

    • Ensure Snare loop is as round as possible to get around the tail.

    • You may need to work the cable into a loop by hand.​

  3. Get the loop behind the lobster and slowly and carefully get it around the tail.

    • Try not to touch the lobster. Some lobsters will dart away with a slight touch.

    • If the lobster is in a tight space you may need to open the snare behind the lobster after you get the tip in place.

  4. Pull the loop up to the legs

  5. With a fast motion pull the snare closed while simultaneously pinning the lobster to the sea floor by flexing the snare body.
    • This will prevent the lobster from "kicking" out of the snare.​
  6. ​Run your hand down the snare to the lobster and grab it with one hand. Protective gloves will minimize punctures from spines.
  7. Release the snare with the other hand then place it in the Lionfish Locker or another containment system.

  8. Find the next one. Repeat.


Florida Lobster Gauge

florida lobster gauge.png
lobster net.png

California Lobster Gauge

california lobster gauge.png
lobster snare.png
lobster hotel inn keeper.png
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