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#JoinTheHunt and help remove Lionfish from our reefs!


Lionfish are invasive in the Atlantic Ocean from the Carolinas to Texas and the Caribbean and Mediterranean Seas.  When you remove them from invaded waters, you are helping to save fish and species that are native to our reefs which aids in restoring the ecosystem to bring reefs back to good health.  The Lionfish Locker can also be used for lobster, crown of thorns starfish, crabs, debris clean-ups and more!

      - Offered in 4 sizes (15", 20", 25", 30")
      - All models include built in spear storage and a sturdy handle
      - Up to 30% more capacity than other containment systems of the comparable height/diameter
                      -15" holds up to 12lbs of fish
                      -20" holds up to 16lbs of fish
                      -25" holds up to 20lbs of fish
                      -30" holds up to 24lbs of fish
      - Instant drainage when handing onto a boat or dock (<3 seconds)
      - 4 clip off locations
      - Spring loaded door opens easily to empty your catch, no need to remove any parts
      - Two Lionfish Lockers can be fastened together for derbies
      - Flat packs for travel and to ship more efficiently


Helpful Links:

Assembling your Lionfish Locker:

"Just the Tip" Lionfish Locker Best Practice: 

Wholesale - Lionfish Locker

PriceFrom $49.95
  • We recommend the 15" long version for free divers if you are clipping this off to a belt. If you are floating the Locker on your float/buoy, choose whichever size is best for the Lionfish you expect to be able to collect. Some areas with high populations would have no problem filling a 30".

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