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MAP: $39.95, MSRP: $49.95

2-in-1 - 4 piece Lionfish 47” (119cm) OR 35" 3pc Travel Pole Spear

  • 3 point tip (wider than 46" Premium Spear for the novice hunter)
  • 2 side prongs are barbed to set in the fish to hold enough for quick removal
  • Strong power band  for fast and accurate shot
  • Light weight Aluminum construction
  • Anti-fatigue grip
  • One section of spear can be removed making a 35" spear.
  • Lionfish spear, Frog and Flounder Gigging
  • Anti-Spin O-Rings

Wholesale 2-in-1 47"/35" Pole Spear

SKU: 658238551575
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